Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Three Amigos Ride Again

I don't remember how long it has been since the three of us have riden mountain bikes together, but I think it has been at least a year. Rob, Danny, and I us to be roomates and road roadbikes all the time together, but at the time we all worked at the Bike Shop together. Hence the reason we didn't get to ride mtb much even then. Anyway, Babycakes had to work on Tuesday and I wanted to ride mtb's. So, Monday I sent out a text to Danny, Rob, CB, and Christian thinking I might have a chance. Who would a thunk it. Three of the four showd. (CB had to work.) The stars must have been aligned. Danbo was coming back from a road ride when we picked up Rob. (I think he was jealous of his dirt buddies and we might get him back on a mountain bike). Christian showed up at Freedom to ride with us, but bolted when the rain came. Rob, Danny, and I got another lap in and hung out in the woods til the rain passed. It was very early in the day for me, but it was awesome. The rain passed, we got some food and beers and avoided the bike being on top of the car in the storm. Sometimes things work out.


Jimmy D said...

Danny wants to be you sooo bad it's remarkable. :)

fixedhooligan1 said...

nice pink bike Danny! No gay tendencies there huh.

christian said...

had a fun ride...we'll have to do it time i'll leave the gears at home

danny did not do another lap. he took the 1st bail-out.