Monday, September 29, 2008

Stan's Notubes New Wheels

Babycakes was in dire need of some new wheels. So we got her some American Classics with some Stan's no tubes. Very light, too light for my stoutness, but perfect for Babycakes. Actually, I got some new 355 laced up to the DT swiss hubs and got rid of the ZTR's for that very reason, too light hence too flexy. Stan's has a great product and I have always had good experiences with them and there staff. Well, that is until this last purchase. Apparently Cindy at Stan's was having a bad day. It was one of the most unenjoyable new bike stuff purchases ever. She even accused me of giving her a hard time and almost wouldn't take the order. Great products, total bitch. But one bad apple isn't going to ruin my pie. The products are great and everyone else I have dealt with has been great.



Saturday, September 27, 2008

Satan is my motor

Bikes with motors can be fun as well. This is my buddy Wes' Suckerpunch Sally. And yes its a hardtail. This baby is for whitetrash sex appeal. It's fun, but I think I'm into the handling aspect a little too much. But you do feel sexy on this beast.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Redneck "it's a lifestyle"

Found this awesome hat in a little country store near Sherando Lake, Va. This store had more guns and knives than Bob's Gun and Tackle and it was a conveniant store like 7-11. Life is a wonderous thing. I couldn't stay away from this place. Anytime you can buy bait, beer, sausage biscuits and a firearm in the same place it is next to heaven.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hot Sauce

New batch from home grown peppers. Look at my beautiful bush and its delightful fruit, or is that a pepper in my pocket.

There was a FULL MOON this week

Children and raccoons beware. It was the weirdest thing. He just dropped his shorts and ran madly off into the woods. We are not sure what drove him to this and he hasn't been seen since. When Babycakes saw this photo I just heard her screaming repeatedly, "My Eyes, My Eyes, oh my god, My Eyes".

Babycakes got a new ride

Babycakes got a new ride and we have been so into mountain biking, racing, and camping she has hardly had time to enjoy it. But I will tell you this, she simply could not ride on the road for more than an hour without horrific pain until she got an Independent built for her. It is the no more tears formula. Her sweet ass Club Racer is what the docter ordered. No more crotch pain makes for an enjoyable ride. Fit is a must. She even got me on my underappreciated cross bike.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Speedy's Hot Sauce is legit

The name is registered and business license are taken care of and THE sauce is now in No Frill Grill. If you go in be sure to ask for it. Thanks

The Three Amigos Ride Again

I don't remember how long it has been since the three of us have riden mountain bikes together, but I think it has been at least a year. Rob, Danny, and I us to be roomates and road roadbikes all the time together, but at the time we all worked at the Bike Shop together. Hence the reason we didn't get to ride mtb much even then. Anyway, Babycakes had to work on Tuesday and I wanted to ride mtb's. So, Monday I sent out a text to Danny, Rob, CB, and Christian thinking I might have a chance. Who would a thunk it. Three of the four showd. (CB had to work.) The stars must have been aligned. Danbo was coming back from a road ride when we picked up Rob. (I think he was jealous of his dirt buddies and we might get him back on a mountain bike). Christian showed up at Freedom to ride with us, but bolted when the rain came. Rob, Danny, and I got another lap in and hung out in the woods til the rain passed. It was very early in the day for me, but it was awesome. The rain passed, we got some food and beers and avoided the bike being on top of the car in the storm. Sometimes things work out.

2drunk2shift Sunday Ride

We had some guest stars this week. Rick Curtis, CB, Sally, Mike and Melissa Rice. It ended up three fixies and four geared bikes. Both riding and beers were enjoyed and the weather was awesome. Started and finished at Pacifica. Thanks for riding and drinking.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Freedom Parks New Section

Freedom Park has a new section. Well, its new to us. I guess it has been open for about three months from what I heard. I think if you do the long loop on the original stuff that adds up to about eight and some change, with the new loop which is fun, you should be at least eleven all together. The new section is technical and has some man made contraptions. Drop offs, seesaw, a hump thing, a narrow bridge thing etc. I tried it all and I have always and still think the drop off things are lame. It is like comparing Evil Kneviels launches to modern motocross jumping. Yeah, launching over stuff is cool I guess, but catching air on something and gettin some style is so much cooler. Launching is hard on you and your bike and doesn't take a lot o skill. In short boring. Yeah, there is a little thrill from the possibility of fucking yourself up, but how about a nice table top. Now that is cool.

Finally put a rack on the fast and furious

I will finally stop throwing my bike in the back of the hatch back.

Walkie Talkie

After a frustrating ride for Babycakes and a friggin heart attack for me we decided on a solution. Last week I frantically rode the trail at Freedom park backwards searching for my woman that is not usually that far behind. She had wrecked multiple times and taken the bail out trail. So she was frustrated and bruised and I was loosing my mind trying to figure out how I was going to get my broken wife out of the woods. Turns out she wasn't so broken. But now we can communicate. These things worked awesome. I was able to ride at whatever pace I wanted and check on her and meet her at certain junctions, or turn offs. It gave us a little more freedom to do our own thing and look out for each other at the same time. All for like $80 and they stayed charged for a three hour ride, on the whole time.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

2drunk2shift ride

Harlan Ward threw this together for his son Paul to ride when he's home from college in New Mexico. Sweet ride Paul, glad you made it out for our little ride before heading back. It is hard to get people in this town to show up for an evening ride.

Monday, September 01, 2008


This little booger was flying up about a foot, or two in front of my face while I was cooking out on the grill. I guess it was officially dinner time.

Moots Mooto-x

In case anyone didn't see my new single speed here she is enjoying nature.

The Ace New River Gorge Mountain Bike Fest '08

Jeff(race organizer) and Adam(Marathon Bike co.) were both out in support of this race and last months Little Beaver race as well. Gary(race organizer of little beaver) was also there, but not pictured. These are a fun bunch. Great riding and drinking with you guys.

The weekend plus was great. Worked til 4am on thur. and got up at 830am to leave for W.Va. left by 10:30am which is good for us. Got in early evening and Babycake, Tom(father in law), and I went for a casual ride around town and had some dinner. Saturday was preride the course day, bike check over etc... etc....

Sunday was race day and we had great weather all weekend. In short, I ate to soon before racing and felt like puking the whole race. My time was 10min. longer than last years race and I am in better shape this year. On the other hand it was Babycakes day. She found her mountain bike Zen once again. Yeap, thats right 1st place.

I came in fourth place, which was my best that day. So that's all you can ask. I won't be eating turkey and swiss for a little while.

The course was pretty good. It was very dry and there were some washed out spots from weather. I had removed some loose boulders and trees the day before that just didn't add to the experience in a positive way. Over all I had a good ride. There is a section called rigamortis that is scary, but rideable. Don't get me wrong, it is dangerous and lots o people walk it, but it is rideable. Walked some of it last year and didn't this year. My time was better last year, you figure it out. Actually the day after I rode all of it on the SS and didn't really have a mtn gear on it. It's the down hill part that is scetchy. Over all it was a great weekend and we are one step closer to moving.