Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Graceful Ice skating moves by Rob Tripp

Rob always has something special to share. He moves like gazelle.

Speedy's Tuesday Ride/Gatewood

Tidewater Mountain Bike Challenge '08 Still life

All kinds of lunacy with KISS and Team Zissou. It's the most fun I have had just dorkin around. I forgot to buy beer so I was sober. What a sham. It was a good full day of crazy talk. Can't wait til next year. I even got to ride a while with Liz Shlepper. Good job Liz.

Tidewater Mountain Bike Challenge '08 action.

This year TMBC was a blast. It rained friday and saturday, so the beginner race ended up being on sunday with everyone else's race. The weather cleared enough on saturday for some pre-ride fun. Got three laps in on sat., but this ment another day of PRS aka pre-race syndrome. PRS is just like PMS with Babycakes. I become an idiot invading her personal space. Let's just say she is less than warm a few days before racing.
Anyway, race day was great. Lots of friends and friendly people. If you have ever been to a road race you will really appreciate the differences at a mtb race. I don't know the actual count, but it sure seemed like there were more people out this year. And the weather was great. I decided to race duo enduro and the single speed for the first time. It was fun and brutal. Dan Gibson aka D-bo and I raced as Team Speedy's Hot Sauce. We busted out 13 lucky laps. He had a cleat bust on lap 6 and called it a day. I hopped back in and got another 2 laps in at the end which put me at 7laps. That was enough. I don't think I would have gone out there and done 7laps for anything, but fun. Babycakes got six place in womens beginners and was proud of her ride.

Anyway great people, great weather, great fun, great riding.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Two, or more years ago I would have never thought that I would be back into mountain biking as much. Hell, five years ago I can remember having a conversation with my buddy Wes and thinking that I just don't give a shit about it anymore. Running Conte's I only had time for roadbiking. Late '04 I was feeling pretty negative about alot of things and I met Babycakes and ordered a 29er just trying to get myself out of a rut. Babycakes got me to the trail again in a manner of speaking and after I left the bike biz for the restaurant biz there was no looking back. I use to think about what I was gonna do with me according to other peoples terms more than my own. I certainly didn't pay sixty thousand dollars for college to be a bartender, but life is interesting and I never had so much free time. Most of the people that go, "Well whatta ya gonna do next? I mean, this is a stepping stone isn't it?" My answer is this, I was going to teach, but it pays about twenty thousand less a year and you work more. So, I am going to play outside and be with my woman. Work is work, money is money. Hell, this blog started over a track bike beer ride on sundays. I still enjoy that shit, but the road riding is back in its place just like my priorities, training for mountain biking. Getting away from traffic and people yelling at you to get on the "sidewalk", is what its all about. One life, one chance to have fun. Practice.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Babycakes can do it all

Babycakes was already riding everything at New Quarter and Freedom, but this past week I took her to York River for the first time. After the first lap she was riding everything even the steep rooty lame ass hill at the end. Not bad for only having a mountain bike for a year and some change. She is woman hear her roar. Meow

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

York River Park and more about me.

It's been almost two years since I have been to York River and It was Babycakes first ride in my old stompin grounds. Pretty much the same. It is still very rooty and there is some new man made rocky sections. I think the rocks are in an effort to empede errosion. It was fun and the final climb still sucks a big one.

Tuesday's Speedy's Hotsauce Ride

Apparently Tuesday is a good day for some mountain biking. We had a decent showing for the ride and the after ride party. I think everyone got at least 3 laps in. New Quarter is perfect for a group mtn. ride cause it is a 6 mile loop, so everyone can go at their own pace and nobody gets lost. Only one person threw up and no one got hurt.

Free at last, Free at last

Danny Dalton no longer works for Conte's Bike and Fitness. Maybe now he can get his life together. His mind won't be clouded with the make believe. He seems a little nervous, but things are good. Fly, baby bird, fly. Tuesday's Speedy's Mountain ride was coined, Danny's freedom ride.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fun Tuesday

Tuesday is becoming a weekly ride. Any of you who are interested are welcome to come out. We have been doing Freedom Park at around 3p.m., but times vary and location might. So, your best bet is to get up with one of the crew to get the skinnie. JM Randalls seems to be the after ride hang, but if we do New Quarter then we hit Tequila Rose. Been riding for about 2-3 hours so put you watch in the car, you won't be on any scedule for the rest of the after noon cause it's fun time.