Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's official

Rob and Susan are officially goin steady. They both admitted it in Pacifica last night. I guess Susan's random dating will have to stop, but they seem to be adjusting well enough. Hopefully soon they will stop fighting making each other happy and just live in sin. Burn motherfucker BURN. 666.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Adios Amigos


Everyone that goes to Mexico should drink tequila and get a picture like this.

mayan ruins

This place was amazing. I always thought there was only a few of these in remote areas. But it is a whole city of ruins distributed through the woods and on old street. You can see stones from the ruins reused in buildings in the little towns. Nothing goes to waste. It is a very poor surrounding area. The spanish conquistadors seemed to homogenized with the mayan people and it is very much a blend of cultures, but you do see quite a few mayan descendents with destinct characteristics. When was the last time you saw a native american?


Checkin out the ruins. The history of these folks is amazing.

HA HA its not winter here




This bathing beauty was a little nervous when we got out of the populated areas, but we survived. Not to mention the fact that we both are about a foot taller than any other inhabitats in mexico. I never realized how short and barrel like many Mexicans are.

Senor Side Meat

When I went to use the pisser there was a line.

Why don't we have bars like this

We are a little uptight as American, we are probably one of the most demanding cultures as well.

The true beetle lives

I hadn't driven a bug since my 73' superbeetle. That was my 1st car and 22yrs ago. Goddamn I'm gettin old. (like wine). This was on the Island of Cozumel. I highly recommend renting a car and escaping the port area. The port area as well as the people are nice and interesting, but there are deserted beaches to die for on east side of the island. One could run around naked, if one wished to do so.

The resort

This is the same place as the below picture, but from the inside. The inside was sort of outside. It had open air door ways and areas below the roof that were completely open to the fresh sea air.

Occidental Grand Flamingo Xcaret

This is the resort that my beautiful bride and I stayed. Thanks to all of you who contributed to our honeymoon fund at the travel agency. We had eight days in paradise. This is about 30-35miles from Cancun, but not nearly as spring breakesque. On the other side of the tree is the crystal blue Carribean Sea and at night I don't believe I have ever seen so many stars.

playa del carmen

We made it back from Mexico. Here in Playa del Carmen I was "Mr. Tattoos", or "Senor Whiskers", to everyone that was trying to sell me something. (Including several approaches for weed, or blow), you know; whatever you want, Senor Whiskers. Weather was great, prices were low, and it was a festival for the eyes and ears.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

the tequila dilemma

My question was,"do you think I need another Hornitos?", this is the response from my loving wife.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Happy belated New Year Everybody

Let the games begin.

My support group

Babycakes ringin in the new year at the Taphouse w/ me and some friends.

Here is a good example

I had a thirst that only tequila could quench. And it did believe me.

A little prissy

Geoffe is in great form here. It is amazing what ten shots of tequila will do to a person.

You Can't Hide From the Paparazzi

Rob and Susan shy away from the camera. Rob eventually lashes out at the photographer.