Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Award ceremony

Babycakes got 3rd place in her race and I got 2nd. When it came to prizes we didn't need much so she grabbed a multi tool of her own and I got some great surley two strip wool socks. And finally a well deserved nap. Those morning races are hard on us night owls.

timbuk2 saddle bags suck a big one

See that saddle bag looking all innosent well, it isn't. Flying down the mountain I could feel that the damn thing had come loose again. I was in fear of it sliding down and getting into the rear wheel so I tried to re-attach it while riding. Ofcourse it was driving me crazy and pissing me off. I finally got the damn thing to re-attach and this tree jumped out in front of me at about a twenty mph desent. You know when you do somethin' and you end up flat on your back and you think, "that hurt", well you can figure it out. The terrain was so rough in sections that it would slap your chain off. I dropped my chain no less than three times. You know the saying, "three times and your out", not so true. Even after all this crap it was a great ride and I still got 2nd place loosing by 2min. Once I stopped the pain set in and the adrenaline decreased and I thought I was going to vomit. But, never fail my darling bride caught it all with this picture.

The Action

The hills are a beast for us flat landers. Look at the smiles inspite of the pain. It is strang how painful it is to race at times and how we call this fun. Interesting. Humans are so weird.

The starting line

Everyone Is getting ready to start the 8th annual newriver race. Babycakes decided that she just wanted to start in the back. So she did just that. I tried to get her up a little bit so that she didn't get hung up behind slower riders, but she didn't believe that there were slower riders. There is a pattern here. She doesn't listen to a thing I say and always thinks I am mistaken when she does listen. She did get hung up behind slower riders. (I was right).

New River Bikefest

Babycakes decided to do her very 1st mountain bike race. She raced the beginners womens class and was very nervous about the whole thing. After multiple trips to the restrooms she commited herself and we got ready to race. Keep in mind she hasn't had a mountain bike for a whole year yet.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Salsa Jersey "new"

Babycakes got me a surprise. It is a new jersey from Salsa. It has a theme of "de Dias de Muertos" which goes really well with my tattoo theme and I feel faster in it. Awesome.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The beginnings of the bunnyhop

Imagine; she wouldn't listen to me and researched it on line and went to her parents house and practiced. Sure enough came home and could get both wheels off the ground at the same time. Believe me, I couldn't be prouder. She rocks.

Babycakes is hooked

She's even gettin her Dad into the mountain bike mix. That's Tom and Babycakes up in WV. Here's to the family.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Wahrani, New Kent County

There is a new place to ride. For the locals it is just a little past the Croaker Norge exit. It's not bad, but its new. Which means a little soft. It has some good climbs, but the map is a little confusing. I ended up riding some of the same stuff in reverse, which is fine here because it is bi-directional. Its always nice to ride somewhere new. There are a couple of loops that you work together in order to get about six mile total loop, but it would be cool to start including some of the open power line hills. That could make this place great for training for those of use that are in a hill deficit.

FSA cranks and seatpost

I originally had FSA K-force cranks and carbon seat post on this beauty. The seatpost was 4in. in the frame and it still broke completely off. (no warranty on their posts by the way). The cranks on the other hand lasted a little longer, but the insert inside the carbon broke loose giving the cranks the sensation that they were loose. FSA did on the other hand warranty the cranks after about 3 weeks. The good thing about this was I got re-aquainted with my ole' friend "Yo Eddy" and I got some ole' faithful parts. Thompson seatpost and XTR cranks. In yer face Full Speed Ahead.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Converse New Fishheads

Converse red eye customs. You can go online and pick any color combo, lace color, rubber color and everything. 15% of the retail sale ($60.00) goes ta charity. These beauties are navy w/phantom gray tongue and heel strip, blue stitching and racing strip, and the custom LOGO. SSWWWEEEET.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Clipless Pedals

She goes up and she goes down. Babycakes is gettin use to her new clipless pedals.

Freedom Park, Williamsburg

I road this place a few years ago and I guess I just forgot about it, but its a great work out. It can be pretty fast and fun. No major down hills, but some fast spots and some climbs. Babycakes says it is more challenging than New Quarter and longer if you include the newer section. Check out our new friend. Not Christian; the snake. We think its a quarder, the snake not Christian. daahhh.

Babycakes went to WV

Carrie went to visit the family for a day of boating. This is near the New River Gourge, WV.