Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Five and half hours of up hill.

Hazel Mountain

Babecakes and I got to try out our new camping gear and get her feet wet in some backwoods camping. Its funny how quickly we devolve. I built the fire and she did the dishes. We got the Hubba Bubba tent set up and got some dinner in us after hiking w/ packs for about three hours and then the storm came. We played cards inside the tent and I drank a little wine. The fire was hot enough to last through the storm so we were able to enjoy it for about an hour before the second set of thunder storms rolled in. It was fun and brutal the expression on my face in front of the trail map is the look of, "I came and did what I set out to do for the whole day and it is time to get some barbe-Q and slaw w/ some fries I earned it".

Saturday, May 12, 2007

How can all cholesterol be bad?

22nd St Bar and Grill has one of the best black and blue burgers in town, or should I say black and bloody. oh yeah, mooooooo.

mohawk may

Incase you didn't remember THIS IS MOHAWK MAY, HELLO. Eric from 'EAT' forgot and I had to remind him as well. Get your vision quest, beeatch.