Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Where have I gone

When visiting such places I can't help but feel a bit lost. I struggle to hold on to what is important to pay attention to and get caught up in the day to day bullshit. I can't help resenting the materialistic behaviors we all seem to have. Greed will destroy it all and it makes me feel lost. I hope views like this never die. God I sound like a hippie.

The New River Gorge

This is the 2nd largest single arch bridge in the world and it is aw striking. What a beautiful place. Some crazy mother f'ers jump off this beeatch once a year in October I hear. Pretty amazing.

Surprisingly nimble the Sasquatchs mate survives

This looks much more brutal than it was, but the mrs. survives with only a flesh wound. Note how paniced I am.


Somewhere in the New River Gorge this modern picture was taken of the beasts obvious confusion of rock and water. What a savage. No wonder people have for centuries tried to save us from such things.

I'll Never Learn

Post race treats were in order after that sufferfest. I'm just glad I wasn't the designated driver.

wipe that grin off yer face funny man

The mountain would soon be claiming this grin and exchanging it for a gasping expression of delirium. I shaved off an 1hr. and 11 min. of the pre race ride time and didn't belch bourbon once. The day before I was hoping to finish without crying, but things worked out fine. It was painful and fun. I raced clydesdale for the 1st time, raced the IF for the 1st time, and raced for the 1st time in 7 yrs. Verdict: Miss racing, nature and weighing 185. Peace.

pre-race confusion

Thats the Rev., Richie(my brother in law) and myself moments before the pre race meeting.

Ace New River Gorge Bikefest

Gettin ready to do some serious mountain bike racin in wild and wonderful West Virginia. Which ofcourse wouldn't be the same without a few pbr's and some Jack Danials. God knows I was sorry about the jack on the pre race ride on sat. Live and learn?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mt. Trashmore

The 4th was hot and fun. I can barely believe the 4th of July has come and gone for another year. Our parents were right about the perception of time. It truely flies.


In some ways both of these images evoke the same emotion and speak for themselves.

Two sides of a man

It is often hard to know what will satisfy the restless soul.

Baby steps

Thanks to Jason for the original art and Art for the final touches. We have a label in progress to help build the hot sauce empire. Hope you all s#$% fire.