Thursday, April 09, 2009

Our weekend getaway, again. Don't hate.

Cherry Blossems

A representation of our peaceful relationship with Japan and a gift that keeps on giving.

Old Friends

My buddy James has had his work cut out for him these last few years. Sometimes people are there own worst enemy. And then again we are all just trying to get along in a sociaty that we as individuals didn't create. It is almost impossible not to get swept away by the momentum that life creates and our desires to feel justified in our existance. I constantly remind myself of the things that I find important and the things that help me feel justified. Sometimes you just have to get lost in order to find your self. Life is a wonderous and sorrowful thing at times. I hope we all get it right on the next go round. Anyway, my buddy hit some hard times and sold his bike. Things turned around and he was able to buy it back at a price. But how priceless is getting together with old friends. Live and savor every moment for it is fleeting my friend.