Wednesday, December 27, 2006


This dog had more personality than most people you will meet. His only fault is that he thought he was much bigger than he actually was. In life there are certain people and animals that you just immediatly have a kinship with; well it was just that way with this dog. Although I am allergic to dogs this guy was my buddy. Him and his pals went out and came across something a little more badass then they were. The other two dogs got some minor cutes and bruises, but what ever it was got a hold of Pepe'. Broke his poor little neck and a few hearts. Rock on little buddy.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pacifica is offically open

This was officially the longest I have ever been in a bar before drinking. Seeing all those folks gettin "tore out d frame", I think I will refrain from gettin wasted in public. Wow! Wowwie! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? You would be amazed at the things people say and do when wasted.

On another point, did you see the halo over my head because I am free at last, free at last. Thanks for all the support.

P.S. this week I will be there thur.,fri.,sat., and sun.

D- Crew

This is at about 3:30am after our first night and the bars first night. That is Phil(bar manager), Alexis(server extraordinaire) and of course myself(Big Daddy).


Geoffe was hustling between his camels and seemed to keep it smooth. Rock on you chilled mofo.

A little Capt. in 'em

ahrr mateeeee! This is Chris Glover aka G-Lover the asst. chef (atleast for Saturday) and the owner of Pacifaca, where all your dreams can come true.


I don't know if Chris and Bryan were starting, or putting out fires this past Saturday, but they sure pumped out some food and kept it together. It was our first day and everyone survived.

the lonesome highway

About two, or three blocks down the road is the lonesome spot that Hank found his end in a fillin station parking lot. Some you just can't save from themselves, but they soar across the sky like fabulous roman candles. Some fault him for his lifestyle, but I just honor his works of art and their impact on all rock and country music through out the world. Long live his memory.