Thursday, August 27, 2009

Zip-Line in WV

We decided to take the tree canopy tour in the New River and Gauley River area. Babycakes, Tom (her Dad), and I went and checked it out. It was awesome and the weather was great. If you ever get up to Fayetteville area I strongly recommend it and it really isn't scary its just awesome.

West Virginia and my new truck

Babycakes and I were suppose to be racing this past weekend at Ace, which is a race that I look forward to doing every year. We both had summer colds the week before and just didn't feel up to race pace. We did get some fun in. We went, but decided not to race. We got in some trail running on the Kaymoor trails, did some mountain biking in Summersville, got out on the boat with the in-laws, did the zip line at the Gauley and gave the new truck some lovin. Lots o puppy time, as well.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Little Beaver Mountain Bike Race

Went to WV for some mtb racing. It rain from about 7:00pm the night before until about 5:00am that morning and a few other time 5:am until race time just for general purpose. Pretty muddy in spots, but I have ridden in worse. I always find it completely interesting how good you can feel and how bad you can feel in the same race. weird. Anyway, I defended my title and got first place this year. I had a little slower time this year, but felt more solid. Maybe, I shoulda went harder cause last year when I finished I thought I was gonna vomit. I always thought that is the way you are suppose to feel at the end of the race.

Babycakes is very excited about the camper

Camping Changes

Babycakes went to visit her folks and stopped to look at some campers. A week later we are the proud owners of a Fun Finder. Check out the new digs.