Monday, January 28, 2008


I am a frustrated idiot. I am commiting to NOT trying to reason with drunks. Let me tell you, if you ever think you drink too much, go bartend and then on your day off go out drinkin w/ some friends. Bartenders develop a curse. The curse is the ability to be able to tell when everyone around you is drunk even if you've been drinkin yourself. This ability will curve your desire to drink because you are fully aware of how assinine, argumentitive, stubborn and visionary everyone is. If I have to listen to one more, "Let me tell you what would solve the whole worlds problems", conversation, or watch someones drunken bravado and/or behavior get them in trouble, or have to apologize, or be overly passionate about nonsense, or what they might think is a philosophical conversation I might slit my wrists with a PBR can.
What is wrong with a little moderation? I mean damn, if you got a guy like me sayin that to you, you might need to go to a meeting, or get a pamphlet, or find a higher power, or something. When in doubt if you are drunk in public your best bet is to be quiet.


Here I am enjoying a few moment of being right. Yes, you heard me right. Thats me being in the "know". If it were not for the internet I would never be right about anything with my beautiful wife. "I wouldn't necessarily be wrong, just mistaken" to quote Babycakes. Well, in this peticular instance we looked it up on the internet and you guessed it, I had backup. I actually got her to say I was right. I got so excited I don't even remember what I was right about.

taco night antics

This is what happens when things slow down a little in the winter. You can surf the hallway on your stocking feet, have great fun with a tazer.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Independent Fabrication

Two days after my surgery on my choppers I went out for a fixie ride. Damn, I wish the scene around here was more happening. It's either road bike bougeoisie, or cruiser hell here. I'm not sure how far I went, but I got this loop that's probably about twenty somethin and it just feels good, there is about a thirty somethin option if it's not too late. With lights we could do what we want, it just includes Shore Drive and the racoons have scared me a few times. Anyway, I can do it on my own; I am a solomn kind at times, but if it could be a Wednesday ride and afterwards include the Wednesday Taco Night that would be a great tradition. It's going on with, or without you. Let me know so I can cook more. Bring beer. Whoever wants to ride let me know what time works, otherwise 7:30 for tacos, let me know.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Drink It In

Fine Belgian beverage never hurt anybody. Well, maybe it did, but you only live once.

Hot Sauce

December was a weird month to say the least. Thanks to everyone for their kind words.

I was down to the last few bottles and had to pump out a batch before surgery for some wisdom teeth and a little bone graft on Monday. Fun stuff. So, Friday rolled around and I had to acquire some manual labor. We did one hundred and two bottles in record time and had some fun. I've got to remember to recognize when I'm having fun to notice it at the time. Or, is that just "Being" in the moment?