Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Double batch is ready

The aging process is complete and just keeps gettin' smoother like an aging wine. If any of you guys are on myspace check out "www.myspace.com/speedyshotsauce" on myspace. And if you need hotsauce just email me @ rooster790cc@yahoo.com, or speedyshotsauce@gmail.com. Thanks 2 everyone who has bought it locally and not so local. Thanks to the other bloggers and friends that have givin the sauce great reviews.

Wrench in the Gears

Check out Spearman's blog. Homebrewery extraordinairness. Rob of Luckyblacksocks came over 4 sum taco's and a taste of the new batch of Speedy's. Babycakes went and checked the mail and low and behold gifts from above. Arlington, Va. 2b exact, a sweet new pint glass. Thanks 2 Icon o. Classt

The end of the trail

For going 2 bed around 3:30 and rising around 8:00 and being hungover I felt great. Anytime before noon for Babycakes and I is early. She is not much of a drinker, but a very hard worker. I think we both felt surprisingly well. Maybe its just nature and the lack of baggage that helps. Live when? NOW; Live where? HERE. Always just trying 2B.

The journey

The trail was a little arduous because of the leaves, but there were only a few stumbles and no injuries. There was about a ten degree difference between the bottem and the top. It was very cloudy, but it cleared when we were at the top. Didn't see much as far as wild life. I mean like one squirrel(a rat better dressed).

McAfee's Knob

The rewards speak for themselves.

The Rewards, I think

After a 4 hour hike 2 staggering beauty I just get more. A gravy train on biscuit wheels. Not living the life, living the dream. You better find happiness now, you might not have time later.

Downtown Roanoke, Va. on Saturday

These are kinko buloba leaves on the parking lot in downtown. I'm sure I slaughtered the spelling on that, but I ain't lookin it up at this hour. The picture was taken from a bar(don't remember the name and not my style) in a place that use to be a book store called Books Strings and Things. 2bad its not still a book store. The book store complimented Mill Mountain Coffee Shop across the street. In 1993 I saved for the hardback new release, Run with The Hunted, Charles Bukowski from that very book store and walked across the street and began reading and got completely shit faced.

Babycakes and I met my college buddy Matt Ames, (photographer, musician and student of life) for a few drinks. We met up with another friend Steve co-creator of Port City PD and had a great time before an early morning(for me) hike.

May the Games begin

Hotel Roanoke

This hotel was built in 1882 by the Norfolk Southern Railroad. It was the 1st in the country to have air conditioning. Its beautiful and the people are very nice. Its pretty much in the heart of Roanoke and has easy access to the interstate and walking distance to the market place(several blocks). It is very close to N&S museum as well(a stones throw). It also has a bar with live music and the best free chocolate chip cookies. We checked in for a weekend adventure. Bar hoping on Saturday and the AT on sunday.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Speedy Bones rides again

Babycakes and I made another batch last week. This was a double batch, plus Big Daddy gets his own special bottle. Hello! Check out the new 2drunk2shift sticker on the side of the bottle. Rob Tripp did a fine job on designing the team logo, Thanks Robbins. Passed a few out at the Trashmore Cyclecross race this past weekend and donated a few bottles to the race officials for prizes and to a few others. Hope you guys enjoy. Spread the love. That means there is a hundred of these beauties lookin 4 a new home 4 the holidays. See Ya.

Adding the love

This is the final touch before being labeled and sold. Everybody knows these little babies are made with a slice of love, hugs, and kisses.


Just enjoyin the day and watchin a race. It was just as well that I didn't race, we ran 5 miles the day before and my legs were killing me.

Rob and I getting ready 2 not race.

We were all stoked sorta to race and we went 2 race and discovered that a one day license won't work for a B race in cyclecross. Live and learn. We yelled for our buddies, enjoyed the sunshine and watched other people suffer.

Running with scissors

Here I am doing what mama always told me not to do. Always the rebel, running with scissors and the hip new 2drunk2shift sticker role.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

We feel pretty, oh so pretty

Latisha and I were feeling very pretty at a little get2gether for an old friend. See ya, Killer.

injured paw

Check out those bruised and swollin' fingers of Rob Tripp's paw. He can still grasp a cold one. Union made workin' mans beer right there.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Empanada Brotherhood

John Nichols has a new novel out. I have enjoyed most of his work. Especially The Mexico City Trilogy. The Empanada Brotherhood is no exception to the rules. He has a nack for telling what appears to be just another day 2 day tale of his characters, but in the end it alway seems like more. I'll let you see for yourself. "What did we talk about? Life and death and centuries of history and the politics of the United States and Latin America and the Soviet Union. We discussed existentialism and the transcendentalists and the atomic bomb and love. He said, I am sorry for all the sorrows on this planet. Thank God we can still rejoice."

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Hot Sauce Empire

Homegrown habaneros and brand new labels this season. It costs a little more for the labels and a little less for the peppers. These beauties are made with lots 'o' love and patience. I've gotten three batches out of the plants this year and one batch has already sold. The third batch is aging for the flavors to meld together and smooth out. I'm also waiting on the printers to get us the next batch of labels. Doin' about five, or six batches a year now. The side of the bottle also features the ingredients and my number for reorders. If you're interested just e-mail me(rooster790cc@yahoo.com). I can hand it 2 ya, or mail it. Mailing it costs a little more, but it's worth it. It's all natural, flavorful and has a sneaky burn. Thanks and see ya on the road and trail.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Christmas came early this year

The new baby arrived. We are very excited. So excited that I came home last night and Babycakes had the Independent catalogs for the last 5yrs. out looking at colors for hers. We'll see. I actually took this saahhhweet machine out yesterday on a loop and through First Landing State Park. It still needs a few final tweeks, but ooooh baby. Of course the fit was almost perfect. Always remember to measure one of your other bikes cockpit when setting up, that helps a lot. The bike really shows of when you get out of the saddle. It also corners well especially considering the knobby tires.