Thursday, September 14, 2006

Who knows what the glue is

My folks been together for almost forty years and it is amazing how people do that and still smile like this. Us Miller's love our women and they love us back.

I killed it

With much struggle I was able to over come the wild plant and take its fruit? vegetable? isn't it in the squash family. I think it is techniquely a veg., but taste like a fruit

Baby Cakes on her road bike

Check out the reflections

I love bicycles

The Viking

On Saturday's bike ride we came across this warrior manning his post. I have no idea what this this is all about, but I had to have a picture.

Tangier Island

I would have to say that these pictures are the best thing that came from my Tangier experiance. Carrie and I jokingly called it White Trash Island. Now seriously, I could have saved a days time and a hundred bucks by just going down Virginia Beach Blvd. visiting the trailer park and eatin at Long John Silvers. But, hey live and learn.
Everyone gets around by golf carts and there is alot of toys and old mopeds in peoples yards. There isn't alot of beach if any and most of the folks are on the chunkie side. The worst thing is that it is a dry island; thats right; no booze and not enough land to ride yourself in a full circle.
I think somewhere I read that Paul Bowles an expatriot writter spent some time there and wrote a book. Fuck, what else would you do? Can't even drink yourself 2 death.

Biker Mom

It has taken me two years to get my Mom to even consider getting on a motorcycle. We took a surprising little spin around Chincotegue and she didn't freak out and yank us both off the damn thing.

Eastern Shore Track Stand

Track bikes might not be familiar in islands of eastern shore, but I fit right in with that shirt.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Its all good

That always seems to be the hippie/surfer saying in these parts. Which is often mocked by all my intellectual/pseudo intellectual friend. I equally dislike the saying because it always seems to be used by someone that fancies themselves as "cool", but sometimes its applicable.

Monday, September 04, 2006

See what happens when you make me angry

Ready for a steal cage match.

Babycakes gets a new ride

After the mountain bike adventure last week Babycakes has shown some interest in mtb's. I won't rub in the fact that I mentioned the fact that I thought she would dig it a year ago. I think the pictures reveal the excitement. My woman apparently needs a bike that comes in large for the back half of the bike and a small for the front half. Man she is all legs. God bless.