Monday, September 01, 2008

The Ace New River Gorge Mountain Bike Fest '08

Jeff(race organizer) and Adam(Marathon Bike co.) were both out in support of this race and last months Little Beaver race as well. Gary(race organizer of little beaver) was also there, but not pictured. These are a fun bunch. Great riding and drinking with you guys.

The weekend plus was great. Worked til 4am on thur. and got up at 830am to leave for W.Va. left by 10:30am which is good for us. Got in early evening and Babycake, Tom(father in law), and I went for a casual ride around town and had some dinner. Saturday was preride the course day, bike check over etc... etc....

Sunday was race day and we had great weather all weekend. In short, I ate to soon before racing and felt like puking the whole race. My time was 10min. longer than last years race and I am in better shape this year. On the other hand it was Babycakes day. She found her mountain bike Zen once again. Yeap, thats right 1st place.

I came in fourth place, which was my best that day. So that's all you can ask. I won't be eating turkey and swiss for a little while.

The course was pretty good. It was very dry and there were some washed out spots from weather. I had removed some loose boulders and trees the day before that just didn't add to the experience in a positive way. Over all I had a good ride. There is a section called rigamortis that is scary, but rideable. Don't get me wrong, it is dangerous and lots o people walk it, but it is rideable. Walked some of it last year and didn't this year. My time was better last year, you figure it out. Actually the day after I rode all of it on the SS and didn't really have a mtn gear on it. It's the down hill part that is scetchy. Over all it was a great weekend and we are one step closer to moving.

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fixedhooligan1 said...

Congrats, Sis I am jealous the best place i have gotten is 6th in alaska. So you beat me to winning a bike race who would a thunk it. W.V. i good to you guys Jimmy wins at little beaver (there is a joke in there somewhere) and you win in minden. For the record rigamortis was my favorite part of that whole trail. Next year I will be there. Congrats again to both you guys.