Sunday, June 22, 2008

The AT in Virginia

There were blisters, insects, unusual cold weather, rain, wind, hunger, heat, hills, down hills, crapping in the woods, weight on my back, aching feet, aching back, aching ankles, hunger, thirst, sleeping on the hard cold ground (in the 50's with shorts on) pure joy. Did I mention hungry and thirsty for cold beer. Pictures speak a little more. It's all worth it. I get board easily, and nature could care less. I am admittedlly a little bitch about comforts, but this final picture is what its all about.

P.S. I bought zipp off long pants and new hiking boots the next day. F merrell foot wear. It doesn't work for me.

the end of the journey

Or the beginning of the next.

On the Edge

"On the edge", can be scary in multiple ways. I ironically feel comfortable with either

Monday, June 09, 2008

The bug soup was delicious

Camping tip No.1: I the evening when you are chillin' and the lantern is on we discovered some pest control. The bowl was just sittin near the lantern and the bug just kept flying into it. I guess cause it was reflecting the light. So, after a while they will get on ones nerves. So, I poured some water in it and sure enough they would land in it and splash around "alot". So, I took this death machine a little further and put 4 or 5 drops of dishwashing soap in the water. Well they kept a comin every night and they don't spash around but for a second. This reduced the problem by about 85%.

Camping tip No.2: Go camping on Sunday. Most campgrounds have a 3 o'clock check out so get there around 4 o'clock. Everyone is leaving and you can scavenge all their left behind firewood and like I said we were the only folks in the whole place until about 12:00 midnight on Tuesday.

P.S. There are advantages and disadvantages to being the only people in the middle of nowhere.

Like when people cruise through at night late at a camp ground when you and your woman are the only ones around for miles it is a little unsettling. Another reason to pack some heat. I would hate to use it, but it brings me peace of mind.

Fairystone State Park

Left Sunday morning and came back Wednesday evening. One of the best things about all the people and the JETS flying over in Virginia Beach is that it will drive you to places like this.

I haven't ever heard anything about this place from mountain bikers, but its our little secret. If you are use to riding Williamsburg and Richmond area it is awesome. I would say there is about 8-10 miles of trails that are MTB legal. So, you gotta do some loops to get the desired mileage, but those loops are straight up awesome. It is one of the most well kept trail systems I have ever seen. Some great and challenging climbs and downhills... (Babycakes didn't walk or stop on anything this year). Yes, for a four and a half hour drive you can pretty much get some other awesome trails as well, but this place is the package. Awesome lakes, streams, mtn views, and the trails are well marked. The trail head was right past our tent in the back ground and we were the only people in the camp ground for two and a half days. Weekends are different and it is popular on weekends after school lets out because of the lakes. Living the dream.


I snapped a picture of Babycakes drinking one of the six beers she will drink this year. Hell, somebodies gotta drive me home.