Monday, September 29, 2008

Stan's Notubes New Wheels

Babycakes was in dire need of some new wheels. So we got her some American Classics with some Stan's no tubes. Very light, too light for my stoutness, but perfect for Babycakes. Actually, I got some new 355 laced up to the DT swiss hubs and got rid of the ZTR's for that very reason, too light hence too flexy. Stan's has a great product and I have always had good experiences with them and there staff. Well, that is until this last purchase. Apparently Cindy at Stan's was having a bad day. It was one of the most unenjoyable new bike stuff purchases ever. She even accused me of giving her a hard time and almost wouldn't take the order. Great products, total bitch. But one bad apple isn't going to ruin my pie. The products are great and everyone else I have dealt with has been great.


Metro said...

Nice wheels man. I've been eye humping the stans rims laced to some I9s for a while now. How do you like those 240s?

BTW I'm the guy who was in the bar w/Tony and Bree last week up from Richmond. If you ever want to head out to the western area of VA for some great MTB rides w/a small group let me know.


smokywhitedevil said...

Wise choice with the 355's. Matched with the dt's they ought to be pimpin man.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe him Jimmy he's a stalker....