Monday, April 21, 2008

Icon o. classt

Icon o. classt representin up in Northern Virginia. Check him and his friends out at You look fabulous. Look at all that delicious BBBEEEEERRRRRRR.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Can a granola be conservative?

When asked this question I went on a little spiral considering Babycakes will occationally bust out with some pretty conservative stuff for an existential granola like myself. I have helped her release her inner granola and she has thrived. She is still a little delusional about her preservation of her conservatism. And the waters can be murky. For example: I do believe in the right to bare arms, but mostly because I feel the need to reserve the right to start a revolution if necessary.

Anyway back to the question at hand. "Can a granola be conservative?" It is possible, but not likely. It should be stated that as the inner granola grows the conservatism will deminish. It is not a painful experience, but one may have some bouts of existential angst. Don't be too overwhelmed by this evolution. Once you accept that we (as humans), are alone and the very best we can do is be one with nature and lifes purpose is to have fun the angst should subside and you will soon realize everything will be okay.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Tree lover

Tree Lover, not Tree Hugger.

The first real mountain bike ride of the year

Asheville, N.C. had some of the best biking anywhere on the east coast. Huge network of trails. We got so lucky with the weather I got a little sunburn while it was gloomy back home. It was the 1st time in a long time that it felt good to climb.

I don't believe I have seen soooo many dudes with pony tails and white chics with dreads since the early 90's. It is quite amazing how a place attracts a certain group. Ashville seems either extremely conservative, or extremely liberal. Not a lot in between. I'm not sure how many head shops a town needs, but they sure got that covered. And if any one has the munchies well there are lots of great and i mean great restaurants. Very laid back about the service. I mean go ahead and finish your conversation, I'll wait kind of laid back.

It seems what a lot of people would catagorize as hippie, or granola really is drug culture. aka a bunch of twenty something partiers with guts that look like they need a good scrubbin and a hair cut. It seems that "hippies" and "granola's" are often one and the same to many people, but there is a distinction. Hippies, or hippie wanta be's are somewhat as explained above. Granola's on the other hand are more what I relate to. A granola for example is active, health conscious, and environmentally aware. Possibly a vegetarian, but not necessarily, knowledgable about beer, wine and food not so much about the "kind". One might partake, but its not a lifestyle. One may even envolve themselves in a game of frisbee golf. Hacky sack might be pushing it. One may go camping, but not on tour, unless it is on a bicycle. A granola would most likely own a Jeep, Subaru, Honda, or a Volkswagon, maybe even a Volvo newer than 1980. Not a chevy Taho, or an old vw bus, or a bug, or the bmw that daddy bought. A granola lives and doesn't just philosophize about living and how "the man is creating the situation in which we live, but goes out and does stuff to escape the situation that capitalizm has created. Granola's would enjoy the fruits and freedoms that capitalizm creates, yet appreciates the escape of the daily grind. So in conclusion, be careful about wearing tye dye, or patchouli you might be mistaken for a dirty hippie.


Last week when it was 50 degrees and raining here in Virginia Beach I was looking at this. In your face.