Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Moots B-day bash.

Yeap, its true, I just turned 40 on Jan. 3. I have to say it was my very best birthday ever. I had friends and family come from out o town for my surprise birthday party. It was awesome. I was pretty much genuinely surprised. We had food, paint ball and great surprises for me. Anyone that has a birthday two weeks on either side of xmas knows we usually get screwed with the whole, "this is for xmas and your b-day bullshit." Not this time. Babycakes and everyone else out did themselves on this one. Thanks to everyone that was there it was great and I hope to shoot at you again sometime. I quess you all can guess what my big present from Babycakes was. P.S. The next day I went and broke the bank on some Campy Super Record 11 speed. I guess I will be gettin out on the road a little more this year. Hopefully, I will be more disciplined about gettin out on the road. I don't know what it is. Being in the woods whether it is running, or riding has been my thing the last two years, but I'm gonna mix it up. Anyway, good job and thanks, you sneaky bastards.


Smilin-buddha said...

Happy Birthday.

Jennifer Shockley said...

"Happy 40th Jimmy!!!!!"

Gordon Wadsworth said...

Dude! A moots, that's so typical of you man. I mean next thing you know you will pick some excellent color scheme which perfectly complements the ti finish and your bike will be way hot. Some people. Seriously though, happy birthday.