Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Coming of Age

Well people say turning 40 is one of the big ones and well I guess it is. It is quite unbelievable myself. I know everybody says, "I just don't know what happened to the time," but its true. Most of the time the people I know that are my age I think are older. Maybe its because in my head I just don't feel that old, but talk to a 20 year old sometime and you will realize that things are as they should be.

I guess the real difference is that in my past I have always looked for the next thing that is going to amuse me. Rush to the next moment at all times. I always thought my whole life was ahead of me and only enjoyed things in memory. In the last few years I have gone out of my way to learn how to live in the "NOW". That has been no easy task, but I am practicing. I have gotten better about it and I always try to savor the moment. The best analogy for this experience I can think of is when you get in that zone on a trail and nothing can stop you. You just react to the trail, the bike, everything is right there. You dodge that tree, jump that log, make that turn, blast that rooty section that you don't even realize you have seen and in a way you couldn't do if you thought about it too much. Well it isn't all ahead of me now, It's all right here and I am trying to suck it all in and I know I will never get my fill, but I'm gonna keep tryin.


Mrtn- The Netherlands said...

Congratulations with your new insight (and your b-day of course)!!
Glad to have you back on the internet.

Metro said...

Good to see you back man. Happy late B-day. We’ve got a fun mountain ride planned for Feb.1st over in Harrisonburg (Super Bowl Ride) I’m trying to get some more off road fixie riders and single speeders along. Gears are welcome too though. You should come out dude. Bikes, beer, mountains, views, beer then watching me try not to die descending 2K’ on a fixie.

Good times…Get some.


JMH said...

Happy b-day, and don't sweat the age thing, it's just a number. Besides, you've already discovered the fountain of youth; bikes and hot sauce. Congrats on the new Moots, freakin' sweet. I just built up my new IF Crown Jewel with Campy Record (10 speed), looking forward to getting back on the road. Take it slow.