Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pocahontas State Park

Babycakes and I went to Pocahontas State Park to camp and ride. It was pretty cool and only a couple of hours from home. The trails are pretty cool. The advanced section has more log crossings than one ever needs in one ride, but still better than being at work. The weather was awesome. We went to Pierce's bbq on the way home. Everybody says that its so good. Well maybe after a three hour ride, or something, but other wise it sucks. And there was some dude that worked there that would not stop talking to me about my tattoo's. He was nice, but get a social clue. fuuuuhhhhhhdge!


Squirrel said...

What you reading?


2drunk2shift said...

My Ishmael by daniel quinn. It started slow, but becomes interesting and insightful. But just compounds my issues w/ sociaty. People often suck. Yet the book has a hopeful insight.