Monday, October 22, 2007

Buck and Angela got hitched

These two have been together 4 ever and now it is official. I went down to the courthouse(which I hate) and petitioned the judge to allow me to perform the ceremony. You would think since it is a positive thing judges would be different. You know seein how a judge is a servant of the court and all. I mean I do pay taxes. But, that wasn't the case the judge was an asshole and I hadn't even done anything wrong. He made me set through all six of the cases. Which, I was suppose to meet him in his chambers at 4:00 pm. They called and resceduled for 2:45 to make me sit in a courtroom and watch his brillance I guess. When the judge got threw w/ the other cases he took a recess while Babycakes and I sat alone in the courtroom. When he came back in he acted as if I had ran over grandma gettin groceries on a suspended license w/ multiple DUI's. What a lame experience.
Anyway, these two are happily married, I was able to perform the ceremony and the bride requested that I do so in nothing less than a wife beater. I do believe it is the first time I've been asked to dress down.

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