Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hot Sauce Empire

These beauties were home grown which in some circles would be a negative connotation, but not in peppers. These babies got lotsa water, sun and love from Babycakes and a little from me. And let me tell you they have rewarded me with a little extra heat. The recipe has been honed and tweeked over the years and has remained constant for the last five years. The signature taste is always there, but like wine each vintage has its own nuance. I should get another yield as the indian summer wanes. I actually stopped playing for a moment and talked to someone about producing a real label for it instead of printing it from the computer and taping it on. I guess its the least I can do since the last three batches sold and I got some folks naggin me for more. Baby steps. Keep on naggin, I'll get to it.

P.S. Keep in mind when you get it it still needs to age for about a month more in the dark.


christian said...

i've got some connections for sticker printing! Real cheap!Really nice! My mouth started watering just looking at it. yum

iconoclaSSt said...

"P.S. Keep in mind when you get it it still needs to age for about a month more in the dark."

Sounds like homebrew, ha!

That's some tasty looking hot sauce; love the stuff! What's the deal on buying some?

Squirrel said...

Holy shit mine should be kick ass, as its aged....hell I don't remember when you sent it to me:) I'll break it out for b-fast at Homie Fall Fest this weekend:) Thanks again.


2drunk2shift said...

Refridgerate after opening. If you haven't just make sure there isn't any mold on top. It is full of citrus acid and vinagar so it will keep awhile if not refridgerated, but don't try to age it if its been open.


the rev said...

Can't wait to pour it all over Holly and lick it up.
If I don't see you before the race bring me a couple bottles.

Kevin said...

That shit looks HOT! I love Habaneros!!!!!!! So pretty, and sooo HOT!