Monday, September 04, 2006

Babycakes gets a new ride

After the mountain bike adventure last week Babycakes has shown some interest in mtb's. I won't rub in the fact that I mentioned the fact that I thought she would dig it a year ago. I think the pictures reveal the excitement. My woman apparently needs a bike that comes in large for the back half of the bike and a small for the front half. Man she is all legs. God bless.


The Rev said...

I like the pink decals.
She's got a year to train for the
new river race.
P.S. Holly & I are moving to Minden

2drunk2shift said...

you will fit in fine.

kevin said...

this is one of the Hottest chick bikes ive seen of late. The toughness of the flat black, with the touch of pink, MMMM,mmm,MMMM! And it is well outfitted. I think its called "caffeine".