Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tangier Island

I would have to say that these pictures are the best thing that came from my Tangier experiance. Carrie and I jokingly called it White Trash Island. Now seriously, I could have saved a days time and a hundred bucks by just going down Virginia Beach Blvd. visiting the trailer park and eatin at Long John Silvers. But, hey live and learn.
Everyone gets around by golf carts and there is alot of toys and old mopeds in peoples yards. There isn't alot of beach if any and most of the folks are on the chunkie side. The worst thing is that it is a dry island; thats right; no booze and not enough land to ride yourself in a full circle.
I think somewhere I read that Paul Bowles an expatriot writter spent some time there and wrote a book. Fuck, what else would you do? Can't even drink yourself 2 death.

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