Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Where have I gone

When visiting such places I can't help but feel a bit lost. I struggle to hold on to what is important to pay attention to and get caught up in the day to day bullshit. I can't help resenting the materialistic behaviors we all seem to have. Greed will destroy it all and it makes me feel lost. I hope views like this never die. God I sound like a hippie.


The Rev said...

well, jimmy
It seems like not so deep down inside, you do know whats important. I know we have pulls, strugles, influences, urges, and passionate thoughts. Only when I recognize these, well whatever it may be, are acting up it asures me that I am truly living.
Despite wheather I make good descisions or stupid oune from them.
I dunno either

Rob said...

You two are both hippies

tabkat said...

I knew you had hippie tendencies.