Tuesday, August 29, 2006

wipe that grin off yer face funny man

The mountain would soon be claiming this grin and exchanging it for a gasping expression of delirium. I shaved off an 1hr. and 11 min. of the pre race ride time and didn't belch bourbon once. The day before I was hoping to finish without crying, but things worked out fine. It was painful and fun. I raced clydesdale for the 1st time, raced the IF for the 1st time, and raced for the 1st time in 7 yrs. Verdict: Miss racing, nature and weighing 185. Peace.


The Rev said...

By the way,
On your left, or to the right in the photo, there is a seven year old kid waiting to stomp your ass in the dirt.

Anonymous said...


Squirrel said...

any way you can get to the podium...taking on the little ones are we:)