Monday, December 08, 2008

Speedy's Hot Sauce

I have been through three batches this month, which is much more that usual. I had to call in reinforcements this time. Babycakes was working and Speedy's was gettin low. We had an order of 180 bottles go out last week, which is the largest single order ever. So Dalton, John and Marcy came out to give a hand. In trade I roasted a delicious jerk chicken w/ all the fixins and we didn't even get a picture we were working and grubbin so hard. Anyway we got a hundred and five new babies waiting for a home for the holidays. Peace.


Blue-eyed Devil said...

I'll be placing an order for the holidays...great little bonus gift that EVERYONE will appreciate!

D-BO!! said...

save some for georgia/////

Metro said...

Dude make sure Glenn or Tony doesn't leave with out bringing me some of the sauce next time you see them.

Happy Holidays to you and Baby Cakes.