Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fun Tuesday

Tuesday is becoming a weekly ride. Any of you who are interested are welcome to come out. We have been doing Freedom Park at around 3p.m., but times vary and location might. So, your best bet is to get up with one of the crew to get the skinnie. JM Randalls seems to be the after ride hang, but if we do New Quarter then we hit Tequila Rose. Been riding for about 2-3 hours so put you watch in the car, you won't be on any scedule for the rest of the after noon cause it's fun time.


Metro said...

Nice! Glenn and some of his crew have been on and off riding Freedom on Tuesdays around 5:30-6PM Maybe I could swing down there and get those cats to make an earlier start one of these days so we could hook up with your crew and have a hugh jass assualt on freedom.

hmm I was tipping into the political realm with that last line.


D-BO!! said...

nice pics bro, maybe we`ll get a few more today??????