Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tidewater Mountain Bike Challenge '08 action.

This year TMBC was a blast. It rained friday and saturday, so the beginner race ended up being on sunday with everyone else's race. The weather cleared enough on saturday for some pre-ride fun. Got three laps in on sat., but this ment another day of PRS aka pre-race syndrome. PRS is just like PMS with Babycakes. I become an idiot invading her personal space. Let's just say she is less than warm a few days before racing.
Anyway, race day was great. Lots of friends and friendly people. If you have ever been to a road race you will really appreciate the differences at a mtb race. I don't know the actual count, but it sure seemed like there were more people out this year. And the weather was great. I decided to race duo enduro and the single speed for the first time. It was fun and brutal. Dan Gibson aka D-bo and I raced as Team Speedy's Hot Sauce. We busted out 13 lucky laps. He had a cleat bust on lap 6 and called it a day. I hopped back in and got another 2 laps in at the end which put me at 7laps. That was enough. I don't think I would have gone out there and done 7laps for anything, but fun. Babycakes got six place in womens beginners and was proud of her ride.

Anyway great people, great weather, great fun, great riding.

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