Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Moots MootoX 29er Uno

Here she is. I have waited 3 months to pull this together and in reality about ten years. I have looked at Moots, sold them, fondled, and drooled. For whatever reason (mostly my obsession with IF), I hadn't purchased one. I even went to the extent of filling out an employee purchase form years ago and never did it. Well its time this dream came to fruition. The housing on the sexy ass brakes are a little long and will be remedied next week, but I'm riding tomorrow. The wheels were a challenge. I've built most of my wheels, but when it is a rear disc wheel and your push pull spokes gotta be laced opposite on the non- drive side. Well; lets just say it wasn't clicking at first and some very expensive stuff almost got thrown across the room. Huge amounts of patience went into this project. Half the stuff I ordered in the beginning of May wasn't available and the original fork plan DT Swiss rigid still isn't available. Well anyway; its late and I need some alone time with my new lady. Peace


Smilin-buddha said...

Very Nice

wunnspeed said...

I agree... very nice.

Rob said...