Thursday, July 31, 2008


Thanks to my extended family for all the fun and support. My inlaws not only came out to the race, but they brought the grandparents and Jeff and kids(friends) out to the race with the camper and food. I been racing most of my life on and off and I don't think I have ever received so much support. Thanks again.

Now, on another note. I have always lived near water and can appreciate it, but never cared one way, or another about water sports. Well, not in this family. My mother in law practically pushed me out of the boat. I have to admit it was fun. I did jump off of a thirty foot cliff into the water as well. Skiing I will do again. Jumping off perfectly solid ground, not so much. I only wish the expression on my face when I jumped had of been capture on film cause it ain't happenin again.

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