Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Downtown Roanoke, Va. on Saturday

These are kinko buloba leaves on the parking lot in downtown. I'm sure I slaughtered the spelling on that, but I ain't lookin it up at this hour. The picture was taken from a bar(don't remember the name and not my style) in a place that use to be a book store called Books Strings and Things. 2bad its not still a book store. The book store complimented Mill Mountain Coffee Shop across the street. In 1993 I saved for the hardback new release, Run with The Hunted, Charles Bukowski from that very book store and walked across the street and began reading and got completely shit faced.

Babycakes and I met my college buddy Matt Ames, (photographer, musician and student of life) for a few drinks. We met up with another friend Steve co-creator of Port City PD and had a great time before an early morning(for me) hike.


Sheila said...

The co-creator of Port City PD...who is Steve?

2drunk2shift said...

Ferrum alumni lives in Wilmington N.C. I can't ever remember his last name.

2drunk2shift said...

Sheila, Who are you?