Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wes Cheney you lucky bastard

I went to the Tidewater Mountain Bike Challenge a few weeks back and was in the field the sat. before the race. JB, Carrie and I had rode a pre-race lap and were all packing up. I looked down amongst the horse shit on the ground and found this great ipod. whoa eee jackpot! Well, a couple of weeks later I remembered it in the glovebox. Listened to some great mix music and then it died. I went to charge the thing up and at first it wouldn't let me. After downloading an ipod update and trying again a name popped up that seemed familiar. Yeap, your guessed it. Wes Cheney. So, if you guys see Wes tellum I got it and to shoot me a line.

1 comment:

2drunk2shift said...

Wes got the message and should be getting it back tommorrow.