Monday, November 13, 2006

Life in the fast lane

The last month has flown bye. I left Conte's after seven years, raced Tidewater Mountain Bike Challenge, rode my mtb more than I had in the last two years, went to Roanoke Va. and Ferrum College to visit my almamater, read several books, made two batches of hot sauce, became an uncle, petitioned a judge to allow me to perform my ole buddies marriage ceremony and did so. I also shared a huge loss to the community and her friends, hell the whole world as far as I am concerned. Jan worked for Operation Smile for the last six years and before that Hope House. She loved to ride motorcycles, go to rock shows, dance, drink budweiser, and most of all smile. She had had some health problems, but the doctors had said she was cancer free. A few spots were found two weeks ago and it was all too aggressive. Life is sweet and oh so short. Rock and Roll Motherfucker!


Rob said...

I love this picture... that's exactly how I'm going to remember her- when I look at it I can hear that great laugh. Jan Rocks Forever!

kevin said...

Live Life like there's no tomorrow, cuz that bitch aint gauranteed to us!
Havent met her, but I'm sure she was GREAT!
If I wake tomorrow, Let's Rock!

The Rev said...

On of the best people I have ever met. No need to look up cool in the dictionary cus there she was.
Love forever......

danbo said...

i kept sayin she was to good for all of you.....R.I.P.