Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fast Freddy

Well, with all this Facebooking going on it seems like everyone is blogging less. And I am guilty of it as well. Babycakes and I have a new addition to the family that I gotta catch everyone up on. This is Fred he is 9 weeks old and a full time job, I mean joy. He is a miniture poodle, yes I know a poodle, right. But I have become allergic to dogs in my old age and I don't mean just a little. So poodles fit the catagory. So far so good. No weezing and snotting. He has actually gain 20% of his mass in the last week. Which puts him at a wauping 3lbs 1oz. He will eventually weigh about 15-18 lbs they say. Big enough for runs, but I think the bike rides will be done in the messenger bag.


Anonymous said...

He's one cute a$$ chocolate cotton ball! Congratulations! He'll bring many, many years of joy to you guys. Rob wanted me to pass along (in case there's an outside chance you hadn't heard) that the 2010 N.A. Handmade Bike Show is going to be in our backyard- RICHMOND!)

christian said...

2 Fast 2 Furry

Metro said...

Word..Small and Furry-ous. The best is the pic of him on the mail scale. Facebook eh? I wondered what you had been up to. How’s that new Moots riding? I need to make a trip out east to catch up with you, Glenn and Tony but I had a job change and retail hours suck!!!

Take care man.


2drunk2shift said...

Moots is great. I need to put some more miles in. With all the rain lately I just been running. I actually like running in the rain and don't mind it in the cold either. But, I hate riding in either.