Monday, March 23, 2009

I have proof of us actually running

Babycakes and I considered doing the half marathon today in the Shamrock, but that jank filled up in January, or something. Anyway, after having a few to many last night I rode my bike down to pick up the car and watch people coming in from the Shamrock. There were some desperate looks in those eyes. But it makes me wanna do it for some twisted reason. Anyway Carrie and I went to First Landing today and did some cross training. There are some exercise stations on the Cape Henry trail. Essentially we did the High Dunes trail which leads into Long Creek which leads into Cape Henry. I thing it is a little over 3 miles. Then you run down Cape Henry and you come to parallel bar, run again and you come to pull up bars, run again and vertical step, run again and do pull ups, run again and do monkey bars, run again and do incline push ups, run again and do crunches and then sprint another quarter mile. It's a good work out. I think you end up running about 5 and get a little extra in. It was no marathon, or half, but it was a good work out.

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Metro said...

I'm not convinced man. That does look like some quality photoshopping though!