Friday, February 13, 2009

New Quarters new sections

The new sections, or at least new to me are pretty good. They add a little to the course and seem to detour some of the stuff that was getting pretty worn down. The one fast down hill seems a little faster. The new sections are already packed down, but a little lumpy. To really blast them you will need to be out of the saddle for a hardtail, but they'll get there. It is still one of the best places to ride that is close to this side o the water and Tequila Rose is right there when your done. It is also a good place to ride with multilevel riders because its a loop. If you stay on the main loop and anyone gets hurt you will eventually find them and you can alway cut out on the road if it starts to get dark.

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Gordon Wadsworth said...

Your face in the second photo says: "Im gon smash dis Log!!" I mean it, you really look like that log, or perhaps the earth has made you really really angry at something. Hope all is well. Looks like "babycakes" is enjoying her new frame. Im in the market for a new frame too, any chance you'll marry me? Well consider it man. Cheers,

-Gordon W-