Tuesday, November 04, 2008

AT near the Tye River

This week there wasn't a tuesday fun ride. Carrie and I spent two hours in the DMV last week for absentee voting purposes. We knew at 6:30am on monday we would be driving up to the hills. We decided to do a little walkin on the AT again and hopefully catch some of the foliage. We weren't disappointed. Her folks and a couple of the dogs, Amos and Sammy met us for part of the hike on monday. We hiked for about an hour more after they turn back and stayed at one of the shelters. Our first time actually making use of one of the shelters. Good thing cause it rained part of monday night and almost the whole day tuesday. We were trying to make it to this waterfall on tuesday and it started to pour. We paused and started to turn back and said the hell with it. We were already wet so we pushed on and were glad of it. Got back to the car soaked and grinning. She had a surprise for me which was a stop in the Mellow Mushroom in Charlottesville. Simply the best pizza and great beer selection.

On another note; check out those leaves. This top picture is what I imagine when people speak of enlightenment. Philosophy is a walk on a slippery rock.

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