Monday, June 09, 2008

The bug soup was delicious

Camping tip No.1: I the evening when you are chillin' and the lantern is on we discovered some pest control. The bowl was just sittin near the lantern and the bug just kept flying into it. I guess cause it was reflecting the light. So, after a while they will get on ones nerves. So, I poured some water in it and sure enough they would land in it and splash around "alot". So, I took this death machine a little further and put 4 or 5 drops of dishwashing soap in the water. Well they kept a comin every night and they don't spash around but for a second. This reduced the problem by about 85%.

Camping tip No.2: Go camping on Sunday. Most campgrounds have a 3 o'clock check out so get there around 4 o'clock. Everyone is leaving and you can scavenge all their left behind firewood and like I said we were the only folks in the whole place until about 12:00 midnight on Tuesday.

P.S. There are advantages and disadvantages to being the only people in the middle of nowhere.

Like when people cruise through at night late at a camp ground when you and your woman are the only ones around for miles it is a little unsettling. Another reason to pack some heat. I would hate to use it, but it brings me peace of mind.


gwadzilla said...

today I heard that if you put a jelly fish in a tub of fresh water it dissolves

go figure

makes sense

when it rains the jellyfish go back up the rivers towards water with higher salinity levels

Rob said...

bugs are stoopid

D.B.O. said...

now i can`t sleep knowing you is out there packing heat....

THE TRUTH said...

Yo I don't know who the fuk you are but I kind of support you because of your URL