Sunday, April 20, 2008

Can a granola be conservative?

When asked this question I went on a little spiral considering Babycakes will occationally bust out with some pretty conservative stuff for an existential granola like myself. I have helped her release her inner granola and she has thrived. She is still a little delusional about her preservation of her conservatism. And the waters can be murky. For example: I do believe in the right to bare arms, but mostly because I feel the need to reserve the right to start a revolution if necessary.

Anyway back to the question at hand. "Can a granola be conservative?" It is possible, but not likely. It should be stated that as the inner granola grows the conservatism will deminish. It is not a painful experience, but one may have some bouts of existential angst. Don't be too overwhelmed by this evolution. Once you accept that we (as humans), are alone and the very best we can do is be one with nature and lifes purpose is to have fun the angst should subside and you will soon realize everything will be okay.


2wheelnut said...

Since I am the one who started this spin-off let me state this.
I am a Conservative first... And I believe that being a conservative actually leads one to being Granola, or Bohemian...
Let me explain.
Married, Three kids, and all are home schooled. Long pony tail!!!
We drive a 2000 VW Eurovan, and I also have a 1994 VW Passat Wagon. There is also A Land Rover Discovery in there for camping, and beach get aways. and if you have seen my site you know I am heavy into other outdoor toys.
I have been a cyclist all my life, and was an avid Mtn. Biker when we were public enemy number one to the Sierra Club( funny how the tide has shifted, although I don't trust the environmental wacko's at all)
I would say that I love, spending time in nature especially with the kids. If you love something you are naturally going to treat it with respect. I do not buy into tree hugging, or the Climate change freaks... I think that it is a group of mindless sheep that think they are intellectual following a group of greedy politicians making money, and extra taxes on the whole scam. Bottom line Science shows without question that Co2 emissions have no effect on the temperature of our planet at all.
I believe in the right to bear arms, and I also believe that the government should be as small as possible. Welfare, Food stamps, government subsidized abortions, universal healthcare, and anything that falls into this Socialist agenda should be avoided like the plauge.
A liberal will tell you that I am heartless... No... we should all be able to stand on our own and be accountable for ourselves. The more social programs we have the bigger government gets, the more power the dirty politicians get, and the less people are willing to do for themselves.

So Jimmy how can a conservative not be granola???
Lest you actually be a conservative as well.

2drunk2shift said...

You and my wife always trying to ruin my fun with all this logic. Ahhhhhg. What about my bleeding heart and my youthful idealism. What happen to eating the rich? Anarchy I say! Viva la revolution!

P.S. Dennis get a hair cut.

2wheelnut said...

There is an old saying...
"If you are not liberal in your youth you have no heart, and if you are not conservative in adulthood you have no brain"
I know you to be a very intelligent individual that knows how to live and enjoy life (once you liberated yourself from c-world). your blog is a prime example of what I am talking about.
As far as..."Anarchy I say! Viva la revolution!"

We need a revolution right now... look at the mess around us. we have a bunch of dumbasses running for president, we have "algore" screming about the climate, the school system is indoctrinating little minds to live life in debt, and believe in the socialist agenda.
Dude we have kids going through college today that believe that it is wrong to drive on the outerbanks because of the birds... these are kids that never spent any time outside enjoying nature... they only see it on the Discovery channel, or in Video games....
hell yeah Jimmy we need a REVOLUTION!!!

Anonymous said...

welcome 2 the revolution.............