Monday, February 18, 2008


The North American Handmade Bicycle Show staged in Portland, Oregon was rejuvenating. I don't think I have been this stoked on any bike show; except for maybe, my first bike show in Philly in 1995(that was when I had a Yo Eddy that was my roadbike, commuter, cyclecross, cruiser, fixie etc. etc. etc. and I would miss lunch to buy parts). Yeah, for you young'ins there actually use 2 b a bike show on the eastcoast and there use 2 b a show in Chicago, as well. That was when Bobke still raced bikes for real and Paula was every mountain biker's dream.
Anyway, as I sat here drinking a bottle of wine and listening to Jane's Addiction going down memory lane. (the song was "sex and violence") and I thought O.J. really should have died.
I really didn't have much to say about the show because I realized what made me fall in love with the whole artistry of the industry was still alive and well. Even if the things that were underground and counter culture are mainstream now. The quirky, individualizm of the industry and the culture still allows me to believe that cycling could have saved Jack Kerouac on the road 2 enlightenment. Rock on freaks.


Chris said...

Some real beauties there, Jimmy.

Wish I could even begin to think about affording a handmade ride.

Squirrel said...

What up Brutha! Man I'm feeling like shit up here in Iowa fucking head cold just won't let today. By the way you didn't miss me in Portland I didn't make it, I will be in Indiana next year though. My addy is 728 4th st, West Des Moines Ia 50265. Keep the rubber side done bro:)