Monday, January 28, 2008


I am a frustrated idiot. I am commiting to NOT trying to reason with drunks. Let me tell you, if you ever think you drink too much, go bartend and then on your day off go out drinkin w/ some friends. Bartenders develop a curse. The curse is the ability to be able to tell when everyone around you is drunk even if you've been drinkin yourself. This ability will curve your desire to drink because you are fully aware of how assinine, argumentitive, stubborn and visionary everyone is. If I have to listen to one more, "Let me tell you what would solve the whole worlds problems", conversation, or watch someones drunken bravado and/or behavior get them in trouble, or have to apologize, or be overly passionate about nonsense, or what they might think is a philosophical conversation I might slit my wrists with a PBR can.
What is wrong with a little moderation? I mean damn, if you got a guy like me sayin that to you, you might need to go to a meeting, or get a pamphlet, or find a higher power, or something. When in doubt if you are drunk in public your best bet is to be quiet.


Anonymous said...

You look a little like a gorilla beating your chest.

Kevin said...

what did Dalton do mow?

Anonymous said...

you gotta stop pouring out those
free shots for your patrons! You
damn enabler!

christian said...

wait...i think i know who your talking about! you should bring out the tazer!

gwadzilla said...

I love giving advice but hate taking it

especially when I am drunk

I give good advice

I do not take any advice
not even my own