Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Phil Wood

I know this is bike porn stuff. The old Fat Chance needed a new bottem bracket and I still can't bare to put cheap crap on my old friend. Phil Wood puts such a sweet finish on everything I had to take a picture of it before putting it in the bike and never seeing how sweet it is again. I don't know why I think its so cool to put such effort in a finish that goes inside the bike. I know it doesn't really matter and that you can't see it once its in the bottem bracket, but I guess its like when a chic wears sexy underwear. You know its there and it makes you feel sexy.


iconoclaSSt said...

That's some nice shit you have their, my friend.

Just built up a couple Phil high-flange hubs for a high-end fixie I've have even chosen yet, let alone plunked down the jack on.

Joshua said...

Sexy underwear and a sexy bottom bracket...I like it.