Wednesday, December 27, 2006


This dog had more personality than most people you will meet. His only fault is that he thought he was much bigger than he actually was. In life there are certain people and animals that you just immediatly have a kinship with; well it was just that way with this dog. Although I am allergic to dogs this guy was my buddy. Him and his pals went out and came across something a little more badass then they were. The other two dogs got some minor cutes and bruises, but what ever it was got a hold of Pepe'. Broke his poor little neck and a few hearts. Rock on little buddy.


The Rev said...

Sorry to hear about pepe.
I was told from you, " if I could/would have a dog it would be Pepe".
I love my buddy Rusty.
I've always prefered animals over people. unconditional love
I've met Pepe
good dog, he was one of us

fixedhooligan1 said...

He was a great little dog, he will be missed, But he's still the stud of the ranch. He was a great dog.

kevin said...

Damn! Sorry Dude...