Sunday, March 19, 2006


Yes, thats me the tattoo freak w/ the prom queen. Go figure, they always like the rebels. Rock on Mother Fuc#*@s.


Squirrel said...

Rebels....Hell yeah!! The ladies love us and the good guy's only want to be like us:)


3p0 said...

congrats on gettin hitched dude,

now you always have a bottle opener on your finger.

my wife still gives me crap when I open a bottle with my wedding ring.

untill I tell her..

" but baby, every time I open a beer like that. I think of you..."

damn, I need a beer

The Rev said...

Both of you have the hot action going on. I could'nt have been more proud or flattered to be a part of it.

Buddy said...

You can now join an elite group of guys who know what it is like to jump on a grenade.


Just kidding, you are a lucky man.

Anonymous said...

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