Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Number 68 out of 100 ever made. This is a twenty five year anniversary EDDY MERCKX MX LEADER. She's a beauty, but in spite of all my effort she is still a heifer. She is plenty stiff for my fat ass...and smooooooth. Weighing in at 20lbs. it would have been in the realm of light weights in the late 80's and early 90's. But, what can you do? Some thick girls just have a little something special that you just can't shake. Or, on second thought maybe you just can't stop shakin'.


Nipsey said...

Nice bike, thanks for sharing. Gotta love lugged steel.

iconoclasst said...

What can you do? Why, FIX that pig, of course! It's got semi-horizontal's perfect!

Lose the derailleurs, shifters, extra rings, rear cluster, rear brake, and voilà, down to a svelte and respectable 17.5lbs.

Pig to pièce de résistance in a handful of steps!

2drunk2shift said...

I thought about it, but I thought the IF might get jealous.

thanks for the comments.

P.S. love bukowski's poetry, I discovered "Run with the Hunted", in a book store in Roanoke, Va. called Books Strings and Things in the early 90's and thought I had discovered a drunkin genious.

iconoclasst said...

Yeah, the Buck was/is the shit.

I particularly dig Back to the Machine Gun with its analogous link between the typewriter and the weapon of the title, both in the respective sounds they make and their (similar) function as (disparate) means of "killing" creditors.

So much for my Poetry 101 class, anyway.

Ride/write on...