Sunday, December 11, 2005

The infamous Speedy's (later Mr. T's Tacos) 44 cent taco sign, home to the original Carl's Death Sauce and "The Cultural Center of the Universe", located across from the Old Dominion University on 44th street. My formative years were spent here and it was the birth place for my hanker'n for making hot sauce.


Anonymous said...

Dude can I get some death suce odu alum...Mr T's was a wednesday night habit....any word on buying some sauce?

Anonymous said...

dude, can i get some death sauce?? i am an odu alum and mr. t's was a wed. night habit!! just after 10 cent wings at friar tucks!! please help!

Chandler said...

Hey Now:

Nice picture of the sign. I hung out a Speedy's for years. My first visit in 1979 my last sometime in 1999. Twenty years (minus a few in the mid-80s when I was living in Scotland). Carl's witches brew can be bought at the Boar's Head I think it's called. It is right beside the ODU police station in all the new stuff they built.

Carl just had a birthday and has been retired for a few years now.

Here's my blog:

Take a peek or two if you so wish.


The Irish Pol said...

Holy crap!!! I used to work there with Sergio and Dan! I can still taste the death sauce. I remember the one made with carrots, too. Loved it. One night, some guy tried the death sauce and did wash his hands before going to take a piss. There was screaming. Damn, I miss that place.

Couzin Ed

P Trinidad said...

I'm Still missing a piece of my tongue from that Death Sauce!

-The Big Kahuna